Photo by Suzanna Mars

The Day is Long to End
6 W & 7 M
A story about a flower shop during a time of political turmoil in 1934 Vienna, Austria.
Feature, The Alligator, July 2018
Feature, Gainesville Sun, July 2018

Le Jeté
Ensemble of 8 to 10 actors and opera singers
A museum associate becomes an artist’s muse and struggles to forge her own identity in the art world. A play with Baroque opera interludes.


The Sun Experiment
2 W & 1 M
A gender-bending play set in 21st century New England, 1912 Cambridge and 17th century Illyria. Inspired by Twelfth Night and a philosophical construct by Ludwig Wittgenstein, the three eras of romance and heartbreak spin around each other in the cosmos to illustrate Wittgenstein’s philosophy.
*Produced in the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival
*Featured in Time Out NY as one of the Top Ten Nightlife & Music Events in August 2014